We’re on a mission to empower people to take better care of themselves and others.

Already you can see that healthcare is leaning away from fee-based services to value-based care that puts the patient first. Plus, the rise of cloud-based data, health apps, consumer sensors are transforming the way we track and interpret personal information. You’re probably using some of your smart phone health apps and sensors now.

What if we could connect all this data from personal, clinical, environmental sources and help consumers become active participants in their health? And help them make decisions whether they are in the hospital or the home?

We believe this is possible and the time is now.

We have designed an open, cloud-based healthcare platform. Philips HealthSuite DigitalPlatform is designed to collect, aggregate and analyze data from almost any kind of device. Our goal is to make app development easier and faster, using data from multiple sources to enable both better-informed clinical decisions and more personalized care.

All we need is you.

Join us and create some health-based apps that connect clinical, consumer and environmental data to help people make better decisions.

What's in it for you:

 - Be part of the early adopters crowd to work on this community preview software platform.

 - Interact with key opinion leaders in healthcare and technology.

 - Network with other developers, UX designers, business entrepreneurs, and healthcare providers

 - Win some fabulous prizes, including 1st place - Tickets to SXSW, airfare and hotel accommodations and more!

Do we have your attention?

For more information see: http://philips.com/hackathon














1. This hackathon is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and United States territories who are 18+ or older. All participants will need to show a valid government-issued photo ID at team registration (e.g. driver’s license, passport). The following are not eligible to enter or win the Competition: employees, officers, directors and contractors of Philips and/or any member of their immediate family (i.e., a spouse, parent, grandparent, child or grandchild) or household of any of the foregoing individuals, and hackathon event partners.

2. Pre-registration – Everyone must pre-register as an individual before 6pm Friday, March 6th so we will know who’s coming and how many teams we are projecting. When you arrive on Friday, you’ll be forming teams based on your interest areas; you must be there. Then you will be considered a team registrant/attendee. We will give you more information at that time.

3. Teams: We encourage collaboration; all participants must be part of a team.
• Must have 1 person designated as the leader, with at least 4 people
min/team, 6 people/team max.
• There needs to be at least 1 developer role on the team.
• The rest of the members can be chosen from designers,
developers, healthcare providers (HCPs), business entrepreneurs, students,
patient advocates, patients/consumers, etc. We believe that it helps to generate
new apps with teams that show a variety of backgrounds rather than having
teams with all the same roles (e.g. 4 developers on a team).

4. All team participants must create an API (“App”) using the “Community Preview” software for the HealthSuite Digital Platform (HSDP).

5. The App created must be original code from the team.

For more information see: http://philips.com/hackathon


As a team, you'll be creating an health-based app on the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform.
You'll have 3 minutes to present your PPT slides and demo, with 2 minutes Q&A by the judges.

The goal of the competition is to design and prototype an app that supports the collection and communication of health care data (clinical, consumer and environmental) to enable better-informed clinical decisions, more personalized care, and improve and benefit healthcare services in the US.

You will be writing on the HealthSuite Digital Platform (HSDP) and can use whatever tools and environments you are familiar with (Java, Javascript, PhP, iOS, Windows, Android,etc.) that may help you for this event.

We’ve given you clinical, consumer (sensor, mood, pain level, etc.) and environmental data to use create a healthcare based app. The goal is to use more than one data type (e.g. clinical and consumer) for your app.

We will have 6 different areas for you to choose from:
  • Elder care (Healthcare at home)
  • Care Coordination
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Consumer Engagement (motivate, make it sustainable, and give feedback)
  • Employee Wellness
  • Analytics - Solving Data Overload (Dashboards, Visualizations)

For more information, please go to: http://philips.com/hackathon

Hackathon Sponsors


$60,472 in prizes

1st Prize - Tickets to SXSW, airfare and hotel accommodations

One team will win:

- South By Southwest™ Interactive tickets in Austin TX (Mar 13th to 17th) with airfare and hotel accommodations

- Can take up to 6 people/team

- Must have at least 1 person go to represent the team for SXSW® Interactive, otherwise will forfeit the prize

- Show your winning demo in Philips booth and to Philips executives at SXSW® Interactive

- $5K to share with the team

2nd Prize - Demo app to Philips execs, incubator opportunity

One team will win:

- Show your winning demo to Philips executives

- $5K to share with the team

3rd Prize - Cash

One team will win:

- $1K to share with the team

4th Prize - Philips HUE Lighting Starter kit

- Philips Hue Lighting Starter kit (A-19), 1 per team member

5th Prize - Jawbone UP24™

- Jawbone UP24™ , 1 per team member

6th Prize - Fitbit Flex™

- Fitbit Flex™, 1 per team member

7th Prize - $50 Visa® gift card

- $50 Visa® gift card, 1 per team member

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

To enter, sign up online to pre-register before Friday March 6th at 6pm. http://philips.com/hackathon

Then you will need to show up to form teams in person on Friday evening in San Francisco. 

As a team, you'll be creating an health-based app on the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform.

You'll have 3 minutes to present your PPT slide and demo, with 2 minutes Q&A by the judges.

For more information, please go to: http://philips.com/hackathon


Dale Wiggins

Dale Wiggins
VP, General Manager HealthSuite Digital Platform Healthcare Informatics, Solutions & Services, Philips

Kors van Wyngaarden, MD, MBA

Kors van Wyngaarden, MD, MBA
Medical Officer, Advanced Diagnostic Imaging, Philips Healthcare

Pat Salber, MD, MBA

Pat Salber, MD, MBA
CEO, Health Tech Hatch

Judging Criteria

  • Conceptual Design Approach (25%)
    See http://philips.com/hackathon for more info.
  • Technical Feasibility (25%)
    - Feasibility of implementation - Solution provided is technically sound - Plans for a Beta version are clearly laid out See http://philips.com/hackathon for more info
  • Creativity and Newness of the Idea (25%)
    - The creativeness of bringing patients and providers closer to create better interactions at the diagnosis stage and ensure engagement in treatment and management phase. - Did quick Google search to see if idea was new See http://philips.com/hackathon
  • Level of completeness (25%)
    - Prototype development stage and Presentation - Utilization of datasets and resources provided See http://philips.com/hackathon for more info.

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